Epicute: Box of Goodness

cute food photos - Box of Goodness

If you live in the UK you are incredibly lucky to have access to Biscuiteers who will deliver a gift box of super adorable, occasion-appropriate cookies to anyone! I know in the states we have a few companies that will deliver beautiful food but nothing comes even close to the cuteness factor of these cookies. JEALOUS!

Source: Biscuiteers

Submitted by: Hannah Thompson

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Pink Petit Fours and a Special Announcement

cute food photos - Pinky Pink Petit Fours

Friends of cute, I have news!

Epicute is moving to a new home! We will be joining forces with even more adorable goodness at Must Have Cute! Epicute will still be a twice-daily feature, posting delectable, delicious, entrancing, adorable, squee-worthy noms for you to appreciate and drool over and debate in the comments (at 11am and 3pm EST).

We are excited about this merge because our content meshes so well, and we think you will have an excellent time sharing the love with the cute stuff community. However, if you only want to see Epicute content as usual, here’s the new bookmark for you.

Here’s to the times we’ve had and the great adventures yet to come!

Source: Cute Cottage Overload

Submitted by: Achim Fettig

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Chocolate Chocolate Donut

cute food photos - Chocolate Chocolate Donut

Rich, cakey chocolate donut with thick chocolate icing and little hearts to remind me of the damage too many of these will do to my arteries, but also reinforce my love of donuts… My feelings are conflicted. I’ll mull it over while I eat this here donut.

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Cow Birthday Cake

cute food photos - Cow Birthday Cake

Katy, who submitted this amazing cake, said this was the first time she did all her own decorations by hand. I think it turned out absolutely incredible! Katy, you’ve got a long career ahead of you in the cake decorating business for sure! I hope your sister loved her cow cake!

Submitted by: argyleanklet

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Cutie Pie Cupcake

cute food photos - Cutie Pie Cupcake

Aw who’s the sweetest little lovely cuppycake ever? You are! Yes you are you chocolatey fluffmonster you! I just want to gobble you straight up, starting with the heart!

Source: Food… What Else

Submitted by: Madhumita via Submission Page

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Milkshakes From Heaven

cute food photos - Milkshakes From Heaven

I love old timey red and white straws. I also love a good strawberry milkshake AND I’m a sucker for glassware so these milk bottle shakes with soda fountain straws are pushing all the right buttons for me. I feel like I should be making eyes at the football player over by the jukebox.

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Rose Heart Cake

cute food photos - Rose Heart Cake

I want to wear this cake as a hat! I love the colors and the roses would look just awesome on top of my head. I actually went to a wedding type performance where a girl was dressed as the wedding cake and had an edible cake on her hat! It was genius! Why only have a cake on your head at a wedding? Why not on a Wednesday?

Source: Cake Journal

Submitted by: dunno source via Submission Page

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